Cold Laser Therapy Device - Class 3B - Handheld device (LLLT) $500.00

Cold Laser Therapy Device - 3B (LLLT)

A quality class 3B Cold Laser LLLT with (5) 808nm laser diodes and (10) 650nm laser diodes.


Cold Therapy Lasers are 95% effective for pain relieving and anti-inflammation in many cases. This handheld laser has MORE 808nm diodes and is stronger than other similar handheld lasers on the market. Includes FREE protective eye-wear.


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Cold Laser Therapy Device - Class 3B - Handheld device (LLLT)


No complicated manuals or heavy equipment needed for using the cold laser therapy device. This handheld laser has MORE 808nm diodes and is stronger than other similar handheld lasers on the market. This cold laser therapy device is perfect for Veterinarians, Techs, & home-use.  Includes FREE protective eye-wear.


Includes: 3B Cold Laser, power cord for charging, basic instruction manual, heavy duty carrying case.


Technical Details:

LASER TYPE: Class 3B Cold Laser

LASER WAVELENGTH: 650nm & 808nm

NUMBER OF LASER DIODES: 5x808nm and 10x650nm


150mW each 808nm laser diode and 5mW each 650nm laser diode

WORKING MODE: Pulse mode and continuous mode

TIME SETTING: 5 - 30 minutes in 5 minute intervals

POWER ADJUSTMENT: 3 levels intensity for adjustment

POWER LEVEL: 1 - 267mw, level 2 - 533mw, level 3 - 800mw

BATTERY: built-in lithium battery 5200mAh (4,000 hours use)

TIME USAGE: 2-3 hours on a full charge


PENETRATION: 808nm laser beams can penetrate to 4-6cm depth roughly. 650nm laser beams reach about 2-3cm depth.


PEAK POWER: High – 800mW (a quarter watt) in micro-pulses, with five 808nm laser beams concentrated at the center surrounded by 10 - 650nm laser beams.


Cold lasers, or LLLT, are NOT recommended for cancerous areas or where cancer was removed. Like any other equipment, LLLT should never be used to treat eyes unless it is being done so by a veterinarian with proper training, as it is very easy to do more damage. It is NOT recommend for use if pregnant. Never use LLLT near the thyroid.


The professional cold laser therapy device can be used for: herniated disc, cervical spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, heel pain, femoral head necrosis, sciatica, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, cold, asthma, pulmonary heart disease and related diseases, cholecystitis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic effusion, hepatic cyst, chronic hepatitis, periarthritis of shoulder, chronic gastritis, superficial gastritis, chronic enteritis, gastric ulcer treatment plan, chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, cold, asthma, pulmonary heart disease, apoplexy sequelae of the lower extremities, cerebral apoplexy sequela upper limb, Insufficient blood supply to the leg and muscle atrophy, the lumbar shoulder disc protrudes, etc.

Cold Laser Special Offer

*Includes: cold laser LLLT class 3B, charging cord, protective glasses, basic instruction manual and heavy-duty carrying case.

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Cold Laser Special Offer

*Includes: cold laser LLLT class 3B, charging cord, protective glasses, basic instruction manual and heavy-duty carrying case.



Powerful Handheld Cold Laser

This is such a great little product. Cold laser therapy has so many amazing benefits and now they have it packed into a strong and portable emitter!


Whether it is tendon issues, muscle strain, or an open wound this bad boy is amazing at expediting the healing process and providing the pain relief your horse deserves.


I love that it comes packed neatly packed with a great little storage case for easy transport and easy to clean! Also the charge holds for so much longer than anticipated!! This thing is amazing.

Jack N.

Amazing Cold Laser

This handheld cold laser has been very beneficial to both myself and my horses.


The results have been almost immediate. We use our cold laser daily. It's part of the routine. We all feel better.


It REALLY helps keep inflammation down. I'm impressed - highly recommended. The shipping was lightening fast too. Thanks!

Thomas T.

Cold Laser for Dogs

The laser is amazing. I purchased it for my dog's back, but also use it on myself.


It will often make pain go away by the end of a 5 minute session. I have also been doing an experiment on a ganglion cyst on the joint of my index finger.


The cold laser has caused the pink color to fade and the cyst to shrink. Fascinating!


The shipping was super  fast. I highly recommend this cold laser and the battery holds charge for days.

Jennifer H.

Great Cold Laser Device

We had been looking at cold laser therapy devices but they were all out of our price range for what we wanted.


We saw this model for sale, purchased it and have been using on ourselves and our beagle Jack.


Transaction through Brandenburg was smooth and the shipping was really fast. We are really happy with the cold laser therapy device.

Richard F.

Humans, dogs & horses are happy

My two dogs had been going to the vet for cold laser after they tore their ACL's and surgery was not an option and they are now back to normal with only monthly laser visits to the vet.


When my third dog was diagnosed with arthritis in her knee laser treatments at the vet became too expensive. Discreet inquiries to the techs yielded where, how long and what type of laser they were using. We bought this similar model and practiced on ourselves for awhile.


Now we all use for aches and pains and my husband began using it 3 times a week for several weeks for his osteoarthritis and joint pain from Parkinson's now he is hooked on this because of the difference it has made.


The equine vet suggested we begin using it on our 25 years old miniature horse and now all three get treatment since the other two are jumpers. This is easy to use and a huge money saver for us. Horses, dogs and humans are seeing the benefits of it.


Jennifer H.

Quiet and durable Massage gun

We are on a tight budget and just can't afford $1000's for equipment and Vet bills. We decided to buy the cold laser and see if it would help with some issues in our mare (arthritis and wound healing).


We noticed improvement in her overall. We used the cold laser directly at the site but also are using it on the acupressure points which seems to really help increase the effectiveness of the laser therapy overall.

Hanna K.

Cold Laser Special Offer

A powerful class 3B Cold Laser that gets you results!


The mechanism of low level laser therapy (LLLT) is combined with wavelength 808nm and 650nm laser, when it gives you the direct irradiation on your knee, joint, neck or spine, thus to improve the microcirculation & metabolism in the irradiated area and increase an abundant blood supply to the injured tissues.


LLLT is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it has been the topic of numerous clinical studies. Its use has been demonstrated to cause a 40-95 percent drop in nerve pain.¹


It also reduces morning pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.² Additionally, LLLT can offer significant benefits for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.³


Cold laser therapy, or LLLT, works by directing a non-invasive source of cold energy – a low-temperature and low-light laser – to the source of pain, inflammation or injury on an equine using a small cold laser.⁴ The low-intensity laser of LLLT stimulates healing using low – or cold – light emitted through handheld devices, providing ease of transport and comfort for the user. 

Cold Laser Therapy Device


Take a looks the results that Grey Horse Performance got when they used the handheld cold laser on a deep chest wound for 14 days once daily for 15 minutes each session!


“The NIH found horses (offered) a great early introduction to the technology because the results are so clear and visible. Animals cannot get any placebo effect from cold laser therapy so when an animal changes it's stride or behavior immediately after a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) session, you know it is working.” ⁴

Cold Laser Therapy Device - Class 3B - Handheld device (LLLT) $500.00



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+$15 shipping (USA)

+$35 shipping (Canada)

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