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Professional Percussion Massage Gun

This is an amazing and powerful percussion massage gun. The deep muscle fascia massage gun is a portable rechargeable vibration device with large torque and long adjustments.



  • QUIET IN 3200RPM



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The One Solution For A Really Deep Massage

You will LOVE it and so will your horses, dogs, cats and other animals!


Equine Massage Machine​

I love this machine and so do my horses!

Monica G.

Good massage gun​

This is a great massage gun. The attachments are perfect. The gun itself has several speeds. We are very happy with the purchase!

Ron T.

Massager that gets deep into muscles

This massage gun gets DEEP into the muscles. You can feel relief.

James H.

Powerful massage gun

We have tried several massage guns and this unit - hands down - is the best. It's a powerful massage gun with attachments.


We use this on ourselves and our pet cat. She loves it. For the cat we put it on the lowest setting (1) with the Round attachment and massage her for 5-8 min a day. She is so much more content when we use the massage gun on her.


You will not regret buying this massage gun.

Christine K.

Amazing handheld massage gun

WOW! Let's just say I had no idea a massage gun could be so powerful. This massage gun has settings from 1-20 strength - several attachments - so you can use it on a wide variety of areas. We use it on all our horses daily. They love it. I wish I could post video to show you how they "melt" into relaxation.


I have a hip that goes out of place all the time. I used to go to the Chiropractor at least 2x's week to keep the pain in check. Since we got the handheld massager gun, I massage the area with the 4-claw attachment on 11 for about 10 minutes everyday and I am pain free in the hip! No more expensive Chiropractor visits. :)


Thank you Brandenburg Equine for this quality piece of therapy equipment.

Jackson R.

Quiet and durable Massage gun

We did a lot of research on the right massage gun to purchase and watched a ton of videos. After reading hundreds of other reviews, we found this one was a great option. It was quieter than most, easy to use on myself or have my wife use it, and the price was right on the money.

The sound it’s just as promised (quiet) and it's not as loud as others we've tried and it's easy to use while watching TV. Not too distracting. The case it comes in is durable and easy to store the different attachments.

Overall, we are very happy with this massage gun!

Tommy R.

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